Jesus Complex — «Welcome To My Nightmare»

  • Jesus Complex — «Welcome To My Nightmare»
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SKU INSDigital #017
  • LabelInsane Records
  • Catalog numberINSDigital #017
  • Release dateMay 31, 2019
  • GenreGothic Industrial / EBM
  • CountryNetherlands
  • Form12 tracks, FLAC + MP3 320 CBR

INSANE RECORDS is ready to present a fourth full-length album by JESUS COMPLEX, an electronic gothic project from the Netherlands. The new album by Damon Fries is called «Welcome To My Nightmare». This conceptual work embodies the author's mind captured by fantasies and fears. 
The lyrics reveals how the population of metropolises suffers from internal state instability. They are worn out after living in a concrete jungle, where fears, doubts and controlled madness are hidden. 

«Welcome To My Nightmare» is a gloomy horror story from the middle of the last century, recorded in the audio version. Capturing all the darkness and gothic noir living and fighting inside one person, JESUS COMPLEX uses the style of post-industrial electronic environment. 

The author is not afraid to mix quite a “thinking” theme with moderate EBM dance beats, and this allows you to listen to this LP either alone on a dark rainy night, or at themed dance parties. 

  • 1. Welcome To My Nightmare
  • 2. Mysterious
  • 3. Minutes Hours Seconds
  • 4. The Past
  • 5. Mentally Ill
  • 6. Possession
  • 7. Hot And Cold
  • 8. Human Machine
  • 9. Alternative Facts
  • 10. Space Is The Place
  • 11. Unhappy
  • 12. The Point

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