Distorted World — «Storm And Silence»

  • Distorted World — «Storm And Silence»
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SKU INSDigital #010
  • LabelInsane Records
  • Catalog numberINSDigital #010
  • Release dateApril 14, 2017
  • GenreHarsh EBM / Darkwave
  • CountryRussia
  • Form12 tracks, FLAC + MP3 320 CBR

DISTORTED WORLD is a Moscow-based duo who infuse their modified gothic electro with a hint of futurepop and EBM. Their third studio LP «Storm And Silence» is a mature album, an almost conceptual one that vividly outlines the band's evolved sound. In addition to a peculiar structure of the new tracks, the band put an obvious emphasis on harsh vocals. Epic, obscure and radical in its genre.

1. New Ice Age
2. Perverting The Art
3. The Land Of No Return
4. Safe And Sheltered
5. Stygian Shadow
6. Storm And Silence
7. Drowning
8. Cerulean Sea
9. Silhouettes That Used To Dance
10. Nothing Is Sacred
11. March Of The Rotting Flesh (Ver. 2016)
12. The Land Of No Return (Leaether Strip Remix)

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